Value, Word Count, and the One-Game Problem

Attention is a precious commodity. From video games to TV to movies to social media, there is more competition for attention nowadays than ever before in human history. I myself feel this whenever I sit down to read a new book: if it doesn’t grab me in the first page, I’m done. I simply don’t have… Read More »

Early Access Update Schedule

The Forthright Open Roleplay Early Access ruleset is in the wild so we can gather feedback and make changes that will improve the game’s presentation and make it more accessible for readers and gamers of all stripes. Gathering feedback is easy: there’s no shortage of people willing to tell you everything you’ve done wrong (ever), and in… Read More »

Dat Room 209 Plague

Today is Free Comic Book Day, go out and enjoy it! And go see Captain America: Civil War, I hear it’s fantastic! We’re still recovering from our plague here at Room 209, so we’re going to be quiet this weekend.

The First Week of Forthright!

This Tuesday marked the publication of the Forthright Open Roleplay Early Access rulebook on DriveThruRPG. It’s been a great week for Forthright!  Let’s take a look at what we’ve got so far: 288 unique downloads of the free ruleset 6 members in the Forthright Open Roleplay Google+ Community (we want more!) Some feedback from Kyrinn S. Eis, Keith Slawson… Read More »

Now Available! Forthright Open Roleplay Early Access

The Early Access ruleset for Forthright Open Roleplay is now available on DriveThruRPG!  You can download them here. We also have a Google+ Community for discussion of the rules, play reports and announcements available here. Check them out!

Coming Soon! Forthright Early Access

Hello once again! The past several months have been rough ones here at Room 209 Gaming. All three of us have gotten varying degrees of very sick or very very sick, two of us suffered through layoffs in their day jobs, and we’ve been working to finish off Forthright Open Roleplay once and for all. The great news is, Early Access is… Read More »

The Experience of Being Edited

This week I’m going to switch tracks back to talking about making Forthright Open Roleplay. I’ve not been talking about that much lately because, after finishing the Ashcan Draft, I sent it off to John Adamus to be edited. He got it back to us two weeks ago, and I’ve been reading and assimilating his commentary, as… Read More »